My Story

Hi! My name is Katie! I’m a believer, wife and mom of three that is very passionate about simplifying motherhood, life and getting back to the basics. 

I'm an only child and moved all over with my mom from CO, to FL, and WI. Go Badgers! From a super young age I yearned for a more simple life out in the country with some animals. I still dream of a jersey and highland cow!

Although I've learned that I can still live a simple life in the burbs, my heart still longs for that one day. One day at a time!

 And as for Sense of Simple, it actually started as a blog when I had my first baby in 2019. I soon realized blogging just about clothes and such wasn't my thing. I scratched that idea and set it to the side for a couple of years until 2021 I started my non-tox journey and felt called back to senseofsimple in this capacity. I love sharing mom hacks, making sourdough, and my journey towards a lower tox life.

Why I decided to go non-toxic

From a very young age I always had the weirdest ailments. Constant headaches, knee pain that lead to a rare diagnosis, psoriasis popping up around age 12, and Cellulitis at age 21, to name a few. I was constantly on the struggle bus, but never thought, "what could be the root of some of this?" Is it all the genetic or is there a bigger picture that I have more control of?

On top of that, a couple of years ago, my dad was hit with a startling diagnosis that is said to be impacted significantly by environment. This led me into a tailspin of research that lead me to the conclusion of toxins we unknowingly put into our bodies everyday. A fire built inside me and I quickly wanted to not only change our lifestyle to hopefully prevent our kids from the reality I was living with my dad. What could it hurt? Maybe some of my continuous symptoms would improve too!

I furiously started rummaging through our house (overwhelmed by the amount I had to go through) deciphering what was toxic, what was safe, and what I needed to replace. It was all-consuming! Not only due to the cost of replacing it all and the memories tied to certain items, but because the available resources for non-toxic alternatives were virtually non-existent. I could certainly find article’s on what NOT to use, but they very rarely offered-up any healthier switches. That's another reason why I felt called back to this page. To offer a resource and community to all those in the same boat.

Things I'm Loving Lately 

small spray bottle of kick ass sinus herbal suppliment

True to it’s name! Love this brand, but this stuff has especially

small tub of motherlove organic nipple cream

Great clean nipple cream that actually worked for me, third time around

dark brown bottle of ferrofood suppliment by standard process

LOVE this product. Helped me bounce back from anemia during and after

Bamboo single dish scrubber with white dish.

This has been a quality switch from a plastic scrub brush to

light green single pack of Pipette baby wipes

After countless diaper rashes, brand trials, using washcloths, etc. these by far

Tongue Tied Book Cover

Very helpful book on explaining lip and tongue ties. Helped me feel